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APi Group, Inc.

Members provide services in construction, fire protection, manufacturing, and materials distribution.
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Chief Industries, Inc.

An international multi-product manufacturing company.
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Custom Flag Makers

Custom flags manufactured by Australian flag makers a leading flag manufacturer in Australia.
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Manufacturers of products for the marine, agricultural, industrial, and automotive markets.
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Griffon Corporation

Our divisions include residential garage doors, installation services businesses, specialty plastic films and electronic information and communication systems.
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Jason Incorporated

Producing a wide array of motor vehicle and industrial finishing products.
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Oliver Products

Engineers and manufactures a diverse range of products for the medical device, food and graphics markets.
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Parts Now

Manufactures complex metal parts in any alloy using ceramic casting molds fabricated directly from CAD designs.
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Sun Mountain Doors

A manufacturer of custom wood doors, mouldings, architectural millwork, and flooring. All products are manufactured in the USA.
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Sypris Solutions

Diversified provider of outsourced industrial services and specialty products.
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Texon International

Suppliers and manufacturers of footwear products, non-woven and cellulose products, industrial tack and nail, and more.
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