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Child's Health

Brave Kids

Offers resources for children with chronic, life threatening illnesses or special needs, their families, and health care providers.
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Campaign For Our Children

A nonprofit, abstinence-based teen pregnancy prevention program.
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Dr. Pauls Child Health And Wellness Info Site

Provides health resources from birth through adolescence for parents and caregivers.
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Offers ideas for healthy, fun activities, nutritional information thats relevant to kids, and straight talk on the myths and facts surrounding childhood obesity.
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Helping families and children better understand the effects of cancer and chemotherapy in a parent.
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Pediatric information resource for doctors, other medical professionals, and parents.
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Plastic Fork Diaries

Follow six middle school students as they experience first-hand the relationship between food and their changing bodies, cultural differences, the vanishing family meal, nutrition, and athletic performance.
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Project Fit America

Project Fit America is a large national agency that works at the grassroots level with schools and front line educators to create new opportunities for kids to be active, fit ,and healthy. They work with communities to bring in funding, equipment, teacher training, curriculum, and the resources schools need to actually get kids fit and foster a love of movement.
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Wallace & Gromits Grand Appeal

Raising money to build the first childrens hospital in the U.K.
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