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Criminal Defense

Capital Defense Network

A resource dedicated to assisting counsel representing clients in federal capital cases.
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Caramanna Friedberg LLP | Criminal Lawyer Toronto Legal Aid Accepted

Criminal Defence Lawyers Exclusively Practicing Criminal Law Toronto and GTA.
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Center for Court Innovation

Information about problem-solving courts, such as drug courts, community courts and mental health courts, which seek to improve case outcomes for communities and litigants.
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Criminal defense lawyers guide to legal research and investigation on the Internet.
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Criminal Justice Degree

Offers online degree, information about criminal justice schools, jobs and salaries.
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Criminal Justice Education

Provides information and links on researching, educating, and career preparation in the fields of criminology and criminal justice.
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Criminal Justice Forum

Mission is to provide assistance to those dealing with the criminal justice system and to help the victim, defendants, and their respective families find the help they need.
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Find resources, links and information on criminology-related education and careers.
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Justice: Denied

Monthly magazine which profiles the wrongly convicted and seeks assistance to free them. Also features current information about the justice system and prominent national cases.
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Law Offices of Okabe & Haushalter

Sex crime defense attorneys defend clients facing state or federal sex criminal charges in California and throughout the United States.
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Orange County Criminal Defense

Kenney Legal Defense Corporation is headed by founding criminal defense attorney Karren Kenney. This firm specializes in representing individuals and businesses accused of crimes and services clients throughout Southern California.
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World Justice Information Network

Information gateway and research forum for the global community of criminal justice and legal professionals.
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