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AVT Biotechnology

Specializes in plant micropropagation products and services. Lists past projects. Based in India. Exports worldwide.
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Decagon Devices Inc.

Shows range of plant and soil research and monitoring instruments, and full contact details. Also produce water activity meters.
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Dynamax, Inc.

Provides instruments for growers, including sap flow sensors, irrigation controls, soil moisture sensors, photosynthesis, phytoremediation and plant water relations measuring equipment. US.
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Farm Image

Provides specialist services in traditional soil analysis, environmental mapping, nitrogen sampling and the creation of maize mazes. Based in UK.
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Provides software to enable farmers, ranchers and land managers to accurately make farm maps.
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Genetic Identification Services

Developer of custom genetic markers resources, studies and research applications. California.
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Indo Exports

Indian company involved in research, development and export of oil seeds, propagation material and other seeds. Also provides consultancy services.
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Aerial imaging company providing data collection and processing for agricultural applications over the southern half of the United States.
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Provides food and provisions for animals in research settings.
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LEEC Limited

Manufacturers of laboratory incubators and mortuary equipment, plant growth cabinets, monitoring systems. UK.
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